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11 november 2018


Ryan Bechoe

Rayn steps in the future leaving footsteps of music
from his first album “A creation from the soul”.
What a ride it was, but where to go from there?

Answer alert!!!

A follow-up to his first album “A creation from the
soul” will be released world wide digitally &
physically in 2019. His 2nd album “Back II
Business” will have 10 tracks of 70’s/80’s groove
and dance music and is a mixture of different Soul
& Funk flavors with each a different sound melted
together to form one solid foundation and story.

His lyrics and voice are filled with emotions.
Inspired by legends from the past he listened to
trough his youth steered him the right way to find
his groove and melodies.

If you want to know more about in Rayn’s own
words “my complicated mind and the person I am
I suggest you to listen to his autobiographic lyrics
in every song.

“People say I’m old-school but I still believe a
album is a full story which you will only
understand and feel if you listen to all songs from
beginning till end. Especially when the artist write
and creates his own art. So press play and enjoy
the ride”!

Rayn wrote lyrics, produced, record-engineer, edit,
programmed, record percussion keyboards synths
and arranging all the songs one by one and worked
with a talented team of people around him. His mix
of fat sounding vocals and instrumentation tickle
your ears trough out every song. With grooves and
instrumentations done by some of the finest
international musicians in his network including
some names from his first album “A Creation From
The Soul” and some new names Rayn has been
working with since his release from his first album.

Why the name “Back II business” we asked??

Rayn answered: “After touring, writing and gaining
musical experience it’s back to the studio again to
record and make new songs out of inspiration that
the mind orchestrate in that process”. Rayn refers
that to being back to business again.