Handsome Johnny


Bastian Steven Band

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18 november 2018


Handsome Johnny

Handsome Johnny

Somewhere in the ill-defined, always-misty, never-sunny area between Belgium and the Netherlands, the men from Handsome Johnny came together to make music. Music that captures the typical tales of the area: Getting lost in the woods, drinking beer in bars long past their prime, and fistfights that don’t always need a valid reason.

Mark van Dijk, born in a place called Eight, always more interested in hanging out with cheaters and boozers than in a stellar career, is the band’s creative mastermind. Willem Schwaner, the stubborn son of a local forest ranger, bangs the drums like he was born in Nashville. Max Nohe, a strange South German fellow stranded in the Low Countries for reasons unknown, plays the Double Bass and other monstrosities. One day, Coos van de Klundert decided to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for supreme musical abilities and added his guitar-playing skills to the band.